BXP140304What is an Affirmation?

We are what we think and believe we are – and we think and believe what we tell ourselves. An affirmation is a short, positive statement that – through repetition – your mind will make become a reality in fact.

An Example of a Weight Loss Affirmation

“I eat healthful and nutritious foods.” Note that it is a positive statement and emphasizes what you do and not what you don’t do. It doesn’t say, “I don’t eat junk food.”

How to Use Weight Loss Affirmations

Memorize your new daily affirmation early every morning and repeat it to yourself often during the day, imagining it is already your reality – even if it is not so already. Write it down and keep it where you can see it during the day. Think of it as you go to sleep at night. Repetition is important!

How Weight Loss Affirmations Work

Day by day, you will find your actions will begin to conform to your affirmations. You will eat less, eat more healthful foods, and be happier not only with your new body but your self as well.

What if It Doesn’t Feel Right?

It may feel strange to say to yourself “I am at my ideal weight” when you’re far from it. Or to say “I only eat healthful, nutritious foods” after you’ve eaten a bag of potato chips. But everything anyone has ever done started as an idea. So the journey for your new self has to start in your mind – in your imagination!

How Long Does it Take?

We are all resistant to change – the gatekeeper in our subconscious keeps us on a steady keel and doesn’t readily accept every new idea that comes along. But with repetition and persistence you can expect to start to change over a period of weeks.