Superfood Quinoa

This Food Should be Part of Your Diet

I don’t know if you’re familiar with quinoa, but if you’re not – or you’ve only heard of the name – you should know it is a genuine superfood. One of the things that make this food so special is that it is so rich in protein and contains all nine essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein that your body needs. Soy and quinoa are the only plant based foods that have all the amino acids. Read more


Sensational Sauerkraut

Naturally fermented foods have been around for millions of years. Foods were routinely fermented to help with digestion and to preserve them for long term storage. With the advent of refrigeration in the 1800s and up until today, the need to ferment for preservation has pretty much vanished.

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Wonderful D

Vitamin D, considered by some to be a nutrient or hormone, is becoming popular as a wonder supplement.

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and maintain strong bones, preventing rickets in children. And not only does it have a role in preventing osteoporosis and bone fractures, it helps in preventing heart and infectious diseases as well as breast and colon cancer, viruses and autoimmune diseases such as Lupus and multiple sclerosis, and lessening the symptoms of asthma.

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