Indoor Insect Pests

Don’t Be Bugged

I wrote about natural pest control last year for outdoor insects, but now that the warm weather has finally arrived – especially for those of us who live in the Northern US – we are starting to see pesky insects inside of our homes – ants, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, and more. I’m not talking about spiders– they aren’t insects, they’re arthropods – and I don’t consider them pests at all. Read more

The Power of Pets

The Power of Pets

More than half of the people in the US own at least one pet. Given the opportunity, most pet owners will talk a lot about their animals. Besides the pleasures and fun these pets provide, research has shown that living with pets, whether it be a cat, dog, or some other animal provides certain health benefits – both mental and physical.

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Dangerous chemicals may be present in skin care products

You Won’t Believe What’s in Your Everyday Products!

I’m not sure when it all started – five years ago we had a whole-house water filter installed and sometime last year we stopped eating processed foods. Then our daughter introduced us to Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products. We loved that it was all natural, smelled great and did a wonderful job cleaning – we were hooked. Recently we became label crazy, reading the ingredients of everything we eat. When the Jet Dry for our dishwasher ran out and needed to be replaced, we tried white vinegar in its place and discovered it was just as good a rinse aid – if not better.

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Taming Your Trash

OK so let’s just say for argument’s sake that there really is a global garbage crisis. And it’s not the point of this article to prove that there is one. All over the world, populations are growing and becoming more affluent, consuming more goods and producing more waste.

The United States is the top country for producing waste, with a whopping 4.6 pounds of waste per person, per day. While only 55% of that is attributable to residential garbage, that’s still 2.5 pounds a day for each of us.

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Walk to Health

I am a walker.

I used to be a runner. I started running in 2000 at age 48, doing 5k on asphalt pavement in our neighborhood – 3 or 4 times a week. My best time was about 28 minutes, but that got longer as I got older. At the end of 2013 I suffered a ruptured disc, and an MRI showed that some of the discs in my lower back were “shot” as my doctor put it. It certainly seemed to me that the pounding my discs had endured in the 7,000-plus miles I had logged over 13 years didn’t help them.

Although I had been in severe pain, I did recover, but reluctantly decided that it was time to retire my running shoes.

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Surprising Aspirin

Most have heard taking an aspirin a day will keep the heart attacks away, but did you know that aspirin can prevent certain cancers and treat other illnesses? Young adults can benefit from taking aspirin daily too, and studies have proven it. Research has shown a 37% reduction of death in those people who take low dose aspirin daily.

Aspirin is an NSAID – a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It is also an antithrombotic (reduces clotting) and antipyretic (reduces fever). It is a stable drug that’s been around for a long time.

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Being grounded, earthing


There is a disconnection between us and the earth. We have little direct physical contact with the ground anymore. We wear rubber-soled shoes and our cars have rubber tires. We sit in front of computers, televisions, and we’re around electrical devices all day. Our bodies, mostly water, are a good conductor of electricity and build up positive charges all day. These charges can be harmful. They disrupt our nervous system, create inflammation throughout the body, and raise blood pressure.

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