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Taming Your Trash

OK so let’s just say for argument’s sake that there really is a global garbage crisis. And it’s not the point of this article to prove that there is one. All over the world, populations are growing and becoming more affluent, consuming more goods and producing more waste. The United States is the top country […]

Walk to Health

I am a walker. I used to be a runner. I started running in 2000 at age 48, doing 5k on asphalt pavement in our neighborhood – 3 or 4 times a week. My best time was about 28 minutes, but that got longer as I got older. At the end of 2013 I suffered […]

Mung Ho!

Mung beans belong to the legume family. Legumes are seeds of a plant, contained more than one in a pod, such as green beans, peas, soybeans – and peanuts! Mung beans are native to India, but are also cultivated in many southeast Asian countries as well as warmer-climate regions of the US and Europe. Mung […]

Bone Broth

In our contemporary western culture, we are more and more consuming only the lean portions of the animal meat, and increasingly less inclined to eat organ meats like heart, liver, etc. When I was a teenager, I worked for a neighborhood butcher and I witnessed just about every part of the animal sold. Once the […]

Lower Your High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the force of blood against the walls of arteries. Blood pressure is recorded as two numbers—the systolic pressure (as the heart beats) over the diastolic pressure (as the heart relaxes between beats). The measurement is written one above or before the other, with the systolic number on top and the diastolic number […]

Superfruit Cranberries

The cranberry plant is indigenous to North America and the Native Americans were the first to use the cranberry as food. A cousin of the blueberry, half the US production of cranberries comes from Wisconsin. Cranberry juice cocktail, commonly available at supermarkets, contains a teaspoon of sugar per ounce, more than sugary soft drinks that […]